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Handy Toolset for Blender


A collection of handy operators for daily blender use.

1. quick Cloth: turn selected face or object into simulated cloth

  1. Selection to Multi-Panels: turn selected face to panels based on existing or user defined internal edge as region.

  1. Generate random internal lines on previously made panel based on mesh topology (set ratio around 0.8 for optimal display of large panels). use redo panel for ratio, seed and panel size controls. manually added knife cuts to alter topology for more sub-panel variety.

4. intersect panel: create sub-panel for easy manipulation 

5. quick plate: turn select face or object into a thick plate

6. Simple boolean operators, take a look at this video for more info.

7. quick orientation and pivot to select: handy way to manipulate object transform and pivot

8. custom separate faces with normal intact

9. quick smooth: quickly smooth shade selected object at adjustable angle

10. various viewport display toggles: silhouette, matcap, vertex color, texture display

11. stickywrap to surface: shinkwrap an opening of one mesh onto another mesh surface and blend the surface normals.

turn off the "outline" for better display of blending

use these face snapping settings for easy placement

  1. minimalist retopo panel

  1. remove empty collections

how to reach me:

**************************************** Updates *******************************************

update 1.3.4:

added: retopology shading support in blender 3.6

added: when doing modal boolean operation, in addition to the helper operators show in the addon panel, the also show up in modifier panel

update 1.3.3:

added: solidify toggle while in modal mode, could be beneficial to make panel lines with insetBool operator.

added: reorder bevel operator. almost always there is a bevel modifier in the stacks when doing hard surface, after a new cut, existing bevel modifier will not calculate the new cut. this ops will move the bevel mod to the very bottom and calculate the new cut.

changes: move the reorder bevel into the pie menu

update 1.3.2:

added: modal operators integrated with pie menu for a smoother workflow.

update 1.3.1:

fix: display abnormal that happens in Blender 3.1 above.

removed the cutter collection concept, instead use children objects as cutters. thus, when move the base mesh, everything moves together.

added: a pie menu for the simple bool operators and face to plates operators. shortcut can be set in addon preference.

toggle cutters visibility will show/hide children cutters meshes on selected objects

apply modifiers will also clean up relevant cutters meshes on selected objects

update 1.3

added: remove empty collection

added: minimalist handy retopo panel 

added: smooth verts. while smooth selected vertices, retopo mesh will automatically snap to target surface.

added: move verts. It is more of a personal habit. the default shortcut is "D". It can be changed in addon preference.

what it does: when shortcut key is pressed in mesh edit mode with vert selection, if nothing is selected, the vert closest to mouse cursor will be selected and moved with mouse movement, if some vertices are already selected, they will start to move with mouse movement, then left mouse click to confirm or right mouse click to cancel. 

the purpose of move verts operator is to minimize index finger fatigue. for example, with the same goal of moving a vert point from A to B, lets compare the following scenarios:

1. default blender control scheme:

  1. move mouse over to a vert and click.
  2. press "G" and move mouse to new location.
  3. left click to confirm.

2. industry standard control scheme:

  1. move mouse over to a vert and click.
  2. press "W" and click & hold gizmo and move mouse to new location.

3. move verts:

  1. move mouse near a vert 
  2. press "D" and move mouse to new location.
  3. left click to confirm.

It saves 50% of the left mouse click while constantly moving vertices around as retopology requires. this minimize the index finger fatigue in the long run. With proportional editing on, it can also adjust overall vertices position quickly.

update 1.2:

added user-defined custom tab renaming. open preference and under addon name. save settings and restart blender to take effect.

added new operator called "stickywrap".

update 1.1.2:

add QuickCloth compatibility in blender 3.0

update 1.1.1:

merge simple plate to multi panel. both operators have same modifier stacks for unified controls.

added Randomize Panels Button, it randomly generates internal panel lines on previously made panel.

the lines are based on its mesh topology, add a few more knife cuts for sub-panels variety. 

update 1.1:

added: Selection to Multi-Panels. turn selected faces to panels based on existing or user-defined internal edge as region.

update 1.0.1: 

added: Custom Separate Faces. when use the default separate selected faces, the normal is split along the edge.

this operator separate the face but keep the normal info.

InsetBoolean: a commonly used stacks of modifiers.

to update: delete the old version under addon tab and install the new one.

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Handy Toolset for Blender

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